There was a time when I was very interested in photography, or more directly, painting images with reflected light. I really learned a lot from David Hobby, a.k.a. The Strobist, and his ‘only crop and color correct in Photoshop’ production method really taught me a lot, and I recommend him if you are just getting into photography.

Below is a sample of what I used to post online. More recently, I’ve done more videos, but they have been more commercial in nature and not as fun to share, but learning how to get the image right in-camera has taught me all the right tricks to get great video.  


For a more recent look at some design work I’ve done, check out the stuff below. 

Websites & Design

I pretty much created these entire websites, but of course I would like to acknowledge  all the hard work and  help that from coworkers in writing copy and finding source material.  

Humboldt Green – a cannabis community events & education organization. 

Humboldt Green Week – Celebrating the confluence of the two new holidays: Earth Day and 4/20. 

Cannifest – An two day camping event empowered by Humboldt Green

Humboldt Cannabis Council who has an amazing podcast that I do audio engineering for.

YouTube Channels

I have control over a few ‘work’ YouTube channels and other projects that I’d like to share.

Humboldt Green YouTube Channel – Has some really great footage of the Yes We CANN Parade, various Cannifest videos, including the panel discussions. I’ve also pretty happy with how this video on Light Deprivation in the Cannabis industry video came out. 

Northcoast Horticulture Supply YouTube Channel has the some quick store intro videos, as well as some other random thing. 

My Silly little channel – Pretty much all pets and children. 

Community Projects

I’ve been trying to get more involved in the local community, after seeing how effective it can be. Nothing can change something as fast as having a grip of people on your side, pushing change along.

Humboldt Makers – A community organization dedicated to creating an open membership community Makerspace or Hackerspace in northern Humboldt County.