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So, after a year of on and off practice, I must say that I really enjoy playing the piano, even if I can’t say that I ‘play’ anything really. My fingers are still getting used to rolling up and down an arpeggio, but scales are just beginning to feel natural.

Well, at least for my dominate left hand. My right lags behind the ability of my left, but that’s pretty much how it’s always been as a lefty. I can tell that I’m not a young learner because I quite enjoy playing Hanon exercises. 🙂 The thing I really enjoy is just noodling around with some chords, playing around with progressions until I end up re-inventing classics.

I even commissioned someone online to write out the sheet music for a song my daughter kept playing over and over again. For a title song of a children’s app, it sure slaps.

This song slaps

You might have noticed that I now have a Yamaha P125 digital piano, on a Z-stand and with a piano bench. While my trusty Roc-Soc drum throne worked well enough for awhile, it didn’t really accommodate both my daughter and me, where this simple piano bench is perfect.

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