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This is the personal site of Seer Snively,


If you are looking for my silly little blog, you'll find my informal thoughts & writings here.


If you are looking for information on completing a QSL with KM6MWO, check my amateur radio page.


No matter how many times I link to my Phish content, people still miss it, so here's another.

Phish & Gamehendge

Find out more about the Gamehendge saga here.

Amateur Radio

My life as KM6MWO, including the above pictured uBitX and FT8 digital modes, can be found here. 

Photography and Videography

is a hobby of mine. While my more recent work is all commercial, you can check out other stuff here.

Seer's Musing

Context Provider in a Content World

Piano: A Year Later

So, after a year of on and off practice, I must say that I really enjoy playing the piano, even if I can’t say that I ‘play’ anything really. My fingers are still getting used Read more…

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